Red Phone Blog


The “Red Phone Blog” is a girlfriends’ hotline that discusses life issues as they arise. It’s a forum for girlfriends to vent about whatever is going on in their life at that moment. So often when you need to talk or get advice, you pick up the phone and call a girlfriend of yours hoping to feel better or get answers to questions you may have or problems you’re trying to solve. One way or another, you need to talk to someone who has an ear to listen, sound advice to give, compassion to show and empathy to share in whatever you’re going through. Seeing that not everyone has a pool of girlfriends to talk to, or maybe not one available at that moment who can be there in that time of need (or one that can even relate to that particular situation) is where the Red Phone Blog comes in. It gives you a place to talk without judgement and is available whenever you need it. Come join us and let Girlfriends Etc. be your girlfriend too.


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